Our Story

Flip2Media is a pioneer of the San Francisco Bay Area video production community, constantly adapting and evolving to become the outstanding media company we are today.  What remains unchanged is our commitment to excellence, storytelling, and surpassing our clients’ expectations.

Beginning in 1991, we’ve been known by several names over the years – LMA, LMA Film & Video, LMA Productions or even “John Madden’s production company.”  We’ve always prided ourselves as a group that embraces the latest technologies to tell well-crafted stories for diverse clients, from hi-tech startups to medical device companies and retail giants.  We were early adopters of 3D computer animation and also one of the first and only private integrated television stages in the Bay Area.

Today, Flip2Media Inc. is a full service media & video production company offering content and website development, producing, post production, ad agency services and studio rental.  Our award winning team excels at film style location production, but it’s our mighty 3,000 square foot television stage that sets us apart from most other production companies.  Our facility is fully equipped with an integrated control room for multi-cam projects, and a compliment of edit suites for pulling projects together. Our clients feature the best & brightest in their fields and hail from all corners of the Bay Area, from Silicon Valley and San Francisco to Marin County and beyond.

Flip2Agency, our boutique Marketing and Advertising department, provides a full spectrum of services from market research and e-commerce, websites, social engagement and traditional television/radio media buys.

Some things have changed, but the most important thing stays the same. We are eternally grateful to our customers for every opportunity we have had to engage in quality work, well intended, and well executed.