Satellite Media Tour (SMT) Production

San Francisco Bay Area, East Bay satellite media tour (smt) production

What is a satellite media tour (SMT)?

A satellite media tour (SMT) is a chain of TV, radio and/or online interviews that take place – one after the other – between an interviewee and various television networks and stations, usually in one day. It differs from a “live shot” interview, which is generally a shorter and less elaborate event.  The interviewee participates with several broadcasters and/or stations around the country without having to travel to each one.  This saves an enormous amount of time and budget. SMTs can include multiple cameras and even accommodate demonstrations of a product or process; live shots rarely feature such content.  More than one person can be involved too. These segments are usually five to ten minutes long, with a few minutes in between.  A broadcast day may be 4 to 6 hours. Typically we begin with east coast stations first, and schedule the later time zones through the day.  

We provide satellite media tour (SMT) services in the East Bay near Silicon Valley.
We can transmit live to anywhere, for single camera interview segments or talk show production formats.  Our television stage is the perfect venue for any broadcast requirement. Leveraging the latest technologies, we connect to all the major television networks and television stations (cable, satellite and OTA broadcast) utilizing Vyvx CenturylinkThe Switch, and broadcast satellite via LTN Global.  This transmission workflow replaces the older structure that utilized fiber optic video local loops to deliver low latency high definition HD connections.

Benefits of an SMT
When you have a hot new product, exciting discovery or a newsworthy announcement, you want to get that message out to the public.  Flip2Media can make all the arrangements for first class exposure on the local and national shows.  Networks such as Bloomberg, MSNBC, Fox News, CBS, etc., are all within reach. Showing up on these networks is still the gold standard of credibility to any information you want to convey.  A “tweet” just isn’t the same.

Closer to you.
Why drive to San Francisco to do a network interview session when you can enjoy the tranquility of the East Bay in Pleasanton?  Many content experts and executives that work in San Jose or San Francisco actually live in the East Bay.  Our location is far more convenient for them. The TV stations and networks don’t want their valued participant getting stuck in traffic either!  Let us take care of the details so you can get things done without the hassle.  

Ever since our humble beginnings in Florida in the 1980’s, we have been “television people” at heart.  We flourish in the energy of the live broadcast moment. We have a staff (not just freelancers) of television professionals who are eager to make your production the best it can be.  Directors, TDs, Audio engineers, DPs, camera operators, gaffers, all on staff.  The networks will receive the program in their preferred carrier, whether that is over fiber, satellite or internet packet delivery.  We’re ready to go when you’re ready.