Broadcast Television Production

Broadcast Television Production San Francisco Bay Area, East Bay

Ever since our humble beginnings in Florida in the 1980’s, we have been “television people” at heart.  We flourish in the energy of the live broadcast moment.  We have a staff (not just freelancers) of television professionals.  Directors, TDs, Audio engineers, DPs, camera operators, gaffers, all on staff.  We’re ready to go when you’re ready.

Leveraging the latest technologies, we connect to all the major television networks and television stations (cable, satellite and OTA broadcast) utilizing Vyvx CenturylinkThe Switch, and broadcast satellite via LTN Global.  This transmission workflow replaces the older structure that utilized fiber optic video local loops to deliver low latency high definition HD connections.

Examining all the options for producing your television show can be difficult.  It’s easy to start down the wrong path.  There are many production companies that will charge far too much for what they deliver.  Others don’t have enough experience with true broadcast television, and you can end up with a show that doesn’t deliver the excellent viewing experience that people expect from real TV.

To get that extra edge of quality and the results that can only be achieved when your customers take you seriously, you need a superior company, grounded in the fundamentals that separate the amateurs from the professionals. The current trend is back to quality, and Flip2media can give you that important edge.